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Tech Recap: Elon Musk buys Twitter, Abena AI, Glo Ghana network

We’re at the end of April, which means another WIRED-IN recap of tech news is upon us.

Discussing: Elon Musk acquires Twitter. Ghana Siri app and more

Let’s begin!

Elon Musk acquires 9% stake in Twitter

Elon Musk became the a major stakeholder in Twitter. His 9.2% stake puts him at #1 on the list of stakeholders.

Elon Musk teases an edit button on Twitter (plus buys Twitter)

Elon posted a poll on Twitter teasing an edit button. I have a detailed post on this right here.

Some days later, Musk shocked the world by purchasing Twitter for £34.5 billion.

Ghana’s 1st A.I. Voice App

Ghana’s 1st virtual assistant Abena AI got launched in April. Abena AI aka Ghana Siri, which was created by Mobobi Studios, can understand and reply to your commands in Twi. Something Siri has not been able to do.


Glo Ghana taps into AirtelTigo’s network

Glo Ghana announced a strategic partnership with AirtelTigo that allow Glo users to connect to AirtelTigo’s network via nationwide roaming.

This deal will ensure that Glo users will have better internet connectivity by latching onto AirtelTigo, which a wider network coverage.



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