The eSports scene in Ghana has gained some traction in the past months. Multiple gaming centres and esports communities have sprung up all around the country.

One such centres is the Yetra E-Blue Stadium located at the Accra Mall.
Yetra E-Blue eSports Stadium is the place for gamers and eSports enthusiasts to come together and enjoy gaming.

The gaming centre officially opened in December 2022 with an invitation to all gamers to come and enjoy the facilities.
The facility has all the consoles you’d expect from a gaming ‘stadium’ – PCs, PlayStations, Xbox and more.

Dark skinned man with dreads playing a video game at Yetra game centre in Accra.

Yetra gaming centre


Yetra Prices

Starting at GHS 50, gamers can enjoy an hour of PC, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo games.
In addition, Yetra currently offers two membership packages – Classic and Elite.
The Classic package gives you exclusive promotions, access to new titles as well as food and drinks.

The Elite package gets you a 50% top-up upon signing up, in addition to all the perks of the Classic package.
The Classic package goes for GHS 500 while the Elite is set at GHS 1000.

Inside Yetra Gaming Stadium

The Yetra eSports stadium provides a boost to the gaming community, not only because it is a great place for gamers to compete, but it also provides opportunities for the gaming community in Ghana to grow.

The centre could possibly host a wide range of gaming tournaments and competitions, which will attract international attention to the facility.
All these will play a part to drive the development of esports in Ghana.

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